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The Sisterhood of Happiness: Where Businesswomen with Heart Find a Formula for Success

An average woman with a positive, active mindset can absolutely become a superstar, given the right environment. And we provide the environment where you can flourish.

–Victoria Trafton, Founder of The Sisterhood of Happiness™

Created Especially for Women, About Women and by Women

After years of striving to achieve success according to men’s standards – starting with oversize shoulder pads – businesswomen are finding that using their natural gifts for genuine connection and relationships leads to great things.

Success is still the goal but on our terms. Women have redefined success. We’re wired to want more than to reach the top of the corporate ladder.

Women need the right environment to support them in building authentic confidence based on who they are, not just what they do.

Confidence Rules the World!

The New Rules

In a nutshell, the Sisterhood is a place where women connect and collaborate to build new levels of confidence.

How do we make it happen? It’s not random. Our founder, Victoria Trafton, purposely designed the Sisterhood to help women build a powerful network for life. Authentic relationships developed with Sisters provide the support women need to reach their full potential. She created the Sisterhood to provide an environment to help women develop more confidence.

We Are…

Our members are business women with an entrepreneurial mindset and a positive attitude. We come from a variety of professions ranging from attorneys to financial planners, coaches, professional corporate managers and so on.

We are all purposeful women who celebrate each other by recognizing and validating their efforts.

The Sisterhood of Happiness is a networking group that helps members build and expand their business success. Yet it relies on a foundation of happiness. We believe: Happiness is the precursor to success.

We’re not talking about the fluffy, Pollyanna kind of happiness. No, this is serious happiness, a new science and it comes with academic credentials. According to Dr Martin Seligman, father of Positive Psychology the highest level of happiness is using our unique gifts and talents in the service of something bigger than ourselves.

…Not your average networking group.

Harriet Moser, Franchise Consultant, FranNet of Arizona & New Mexico

Through the use of proprietary assessments, extensive interviews and an excellent structured process for selecting/recommending specific franchises and investigating those franchises, I will help candidates to determine if a franchise business is the right fit for their skills, financial resources & expectations, affinities and goals.