The Sisterhood of Happiness

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The Sisterhood of Happiness™ was created to answer the question, “How do I have success and happiness in life?”

Our founder, Victoria Trafton, is a highly successful businesswoman whose skills were honed in one of the world’s most competitive, male-dominated job markets: Silicon Valley. By her mid-thirties, she was among the top 3% of corporate women income earners in the US.

Despite her accomplishments, Victoria wondered if money, rank, title, position and status were the only measure of success. If we are  “successful” why do we still doubt ourselves? After extensive study, she came to the conclusion that men and women define success differently. Women need authentic confidence to stop doubting themselves.  Women don’t build authentic confidence through external achievements alone. Women want to succeed based on who they are, not just what they do. Women thrive when using innate strengths like connection, relationship, intuition and empathy.

Sisterhood of Happiness Supports Women

In January 2012, The Sisterhood of Happiness was born from Victoria’s determination to create an environment where women could be authentic, empower each other and pursue their goals with confidence.
With Victoria’s strong belief in happiness as the precursor to success, the Sisterhood guides members to achieve the highest level of happiness: using our unique gifts and talents in the service of something bigger than ourselves.

The Formula for Success

Happiness and success don’t happen by accident. The Sisterhood of Happiness provides a framework, which if followed, leads to better health, stronger relationships, financial success and true self-confidence.
When you follow the Formula for Success, you join a circle of connection and collaboration that returns abundant opportunity. It only works if you participate. The formula is made up of four  elements:
1.  Signature events: held Quarterly, to build relationships, learn and share wisdom.
2.  Lunch clubs: focus on business networking and learning how to give and receive referrals. Not your typical networking event, the lunches go beyond the “elevator pitch.”
3.  Destiny Dates: one-on-one meetings meant to connect members who may not have otherwise gotten together. Connect with the woman you are destined to meet.
4.  Optional coaching: work with Victoria to discover a program that works for you to develop the authentic self-confidence you need to live your dreams.

Core Values

Instead of familial ties, the Sisterhood is bound by shared values of connecting, collaborating and celebrating each other’s success.
What about sibling rivalry? It doesn’t happen. Our members are confident there is enough business for everyone. We understand we each have our ideal clients based on shared values. In the Sisterhood, your competitor may also be your biggest promoter. Every business is unique and who better to share what you do than a sister in the same field?

We don’t compete. We empower through personal validation, increased confidence and business success.


The mission of the Sisterhood of Happiness is to be the premier vehicle for businesswomen to build and nurture a powerful network for life.

Our Symbol

The Sisterhood of Happiness logo is more than collection of interesting shapes. These shapes are universal symbols that hold meaning across all cultures. The symbols represent things that are important in the journey of life. The Sisterhood is a community of women who have chosen to take the journey together and these elements lead us to happiness and fulfillment. We choose this design because of the meaning behind the symbols:


  • The circle embodies wholeness
  • The equidistant cross signifies relationships
  • The square represents stability
  • The spiral shows growth 
  • The triangle symbolizes goals, vision and dreams