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What Members Say About The Sisterhood of Happiness

Deborah JohnsonImagine walking into a place where you were revered for being exactly who you are – no mask, no pretense, no pressure. Imagine being surrounded by a high-caliber of amazing, successful, warm and welcoming women. Imagine that they supported and encouraged you on a deep level in making your dreams come true. The Sisterhood of Happiness IS that place. Having experienced this kind authentic community, in which I can grow and prosper, I can’t imagine being without it. For me, it is a new benchmark for how women can truly foster vibrant success in each other and make the world a better place.

–Deborah Johnson, High-Stakes Communication

Ronnie JappIn an age when we are bombarded by the media with images and messages of horror and tragedy, it’s easy to lose track of the good in the world, in our lives and ourselves.  The Sisterhood of Happiness is an amazing way to bring things back into focus, or to train yourself to shift your focus.  We can all learn how to recognize and be grateful for the blessings in each day and find the Happiness within.

–Ronnie Japp, Cabi Style Consultant

Amy GavartinI have always struggled to find like-minded women who feel comfortable being open and honest with their personal journey and quest for happiness.   Thank you Victoria for creating this wonderful forum.   I have so enjoyed the meetings and learning about what happiness means to others and myself.   I look forward to what the future brings with The Happiness Sisterhood and being a part of it!

–Amy Gavartin, Director, Melville Capital

Diana ElardeThe most popular class at Harvard is Positive Psychology and for good reason!  Too many times our true happiness gets lost along the way.  We measure our lives in money, in society’s idea of success and we forget the most powerful indicator that our live is on course is how our life feels.  And who would not want to feel happy?  I loved the focus on the positive we achieved by our interactions.  And I am looking forward to our future encounters.  Very timely Victoria, thank you!  And thank you to my sisters of happiness who were willing to share their journeys to help us all!

 –Diana Elarde, Owner, Inside Edge

Ann EwenWell, I admit I was a skeptic to start out—I mean, give me a break, coming together to talk about happiness???  But this has been the start of what I anticipate to be an incredible journey of self-discovery and “other” discovery.  What a great journey to be on, and with so many other wonderful women.  Thanks to Victoria for being our expedition leader!

 –Ann Ewen, Ph.D., Vistage International Chair