Victoria Trafton

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Message from the Founder

I have enjoyed a career that most women only dream about, and I loved it. But it came with a price. In a male-dominated business environment, women had to ignore their natural gifts to climb the corporate ladder.

No matter how good I was, I had to give more to stay on top. Working 60- to 90-hour weeks and living out of a suitcase didn’t leave much time for relationships. And left me wondering…is that all there is?

Through much soul searching, I have made changes that allow me to be in a wonderful marriage; do work that matters to me; have clients who are also good friends; and put relationships before business. I hold health and happiness as my highest priorities.

I founded The Sisterhood of Happiness™ to create a place for women to achieve success without making the sacrifices that I did. We are a community where a businesswoman can get the support she needs to be happy and achieve success (as she defines it).

The Sisterhood is a piece of my life work, and the legacy I wish to leave for future generations.

I believe…

  • In the power of love
  • Happiness changes lives
  • Women validate each other in ways that are powerful and empowering
  • Connection, a sense of love and belonging, is the source of joy
  • Being known is the journey and feeling loved is the destination
  • Women can make the world a better place and our time is now
  • In Sisterhood as a path to self-discovery through acceptance
  • Women are hungry for a place where they can belong and feel accepted