Carolyn McCorkle, Independent Healthy Lifestyle and Image Consultant

Carolyn McCorkle, Independent Healthy Lifestyle and Image ConsultantDescribe your business in terms of what you do and who you serve.

I have served women for over 12 years as their healthy lifestyle and image consultant. I specialize in educating about certified-vegan anti-aging skincare, personal care products and cosmetics, and nutrition products that are low-glycemic, free of gluten, dairy, and soy. I help women connect the products that go on and in their body to serve them and not sabotage their health. You can have it all-clinical results on par with the leading dermatologists’ brand and clean, healthy living!

I was inspired to launch my business after losing and regaining my own health and losing my mother to cancer at a relatively young age. Four days before Christmas 1998 my family had a house fire and our house was a total loss. Six weeks later my mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Due to the toxins in new home finishes and furnishings and the stress of rebuilding a home while attempting to prolong my mother’s life, I developed chemical sensitivities, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and became completely debilitated physically. My clients are now able to benefit from the experience and information I gained during my own journey to return to health.

Using a client profile analysis during one-on-one consultations and small group workshops I offer women the opportunity to “test drive” anti-aging skin care and nutrition products before they buy. In just 2-3 days, most women can already feel and see the difference! Clients can also enjoy complimentary cosmetic color analysis.

What do you love about what you do?

Changing lives one life at a time! I make a difference in two ways.

First, I mentor and train other women how to earn income by building a business that they can work around their life, rather than work their life around a business.  It’s the perfect business model for the various seasons of a woman’s life. Time is our scarcest resource! I can show someone how to build this business alongside what she’s already doing, and she can be earning corporate income on part-time hours, on average, in 2 years! There is no glass ceiling! Rather than trading time for money, a woman can experience the joys of compound interest….in our business model it’s called residual income and time leveraging.

My husband retired 3 years ago, and last year we toured 10 countries on 2 continents over 5 months, including a month in New Zealand & Australia, 2 weeks in Maui, and a 3-week trip to Europe cruising the Baltic…all while getting a paycheck every month. If I have my phone, I can do business anywhere.

Second, I help woman improve their image and take years off their appearance and release the toxic fat… just by switching brands in the categories in which they are already shopping…shampoo, toothpaste, cosmetics, nutrition and facial care. They save by getting superior, vegan-formulated premium products at department store prices and can shop from their own online discount store 24/7. (I don’t have to inventory or deliver anything!)

What is one of the best outcomes a client has experienced from the product or service you provide?

A leukemia, stroke and heart attack survivor with Hep C developed kidney failure due to rapid muscle cell die-off after he was put on a statin prescription. After his hospitalization, stabilization, and 4 months of rehab to learn to use all the muscles in his body again, he asked for a consultation. He began using our 30 Days to Healthy Living nutrition regime and supplements and  after just six months had perfectly normal liver enzymes and kidney function! His MD was shocked and told him to “keep doing what he was doing”! Since developing Hepatitis C (contracted from a bone marrow transplant), his elevated liver enzymes threatened him with being put on a liver transplant list. While he can’t say that Arbonne “cured” him, the only thing that he changed was to use the Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living program.

Can you paint a picture for us of your ideal client so we can understand who within our circles of influence might make a great referral to you?

Women 30-80 who want results–to look and feel their best–while living a healthy lifestyle. Women who are tired of the rat race and want more choices in life by owning their time and how much they earn…making more by working less.

What is the best way we can refer someone to you?

Host an anti-aging workshop or Healthy Happy Hour! For gathering a few friends together, I offer my hosts 75% discounts, as well as for individual referrals who purchase a skincare, nutrition or cosmetics package at a personal consultation. Email, text, or call me!

Can you tell us what benefit you get personally and for your business from being a member of the Sisterhood?

As a charter member of the SOH, the name says it all! Sisters who bring happiness to others! I have developed wonderful friendships with other professional, talented women. It truly is a sisterhood and we love to serve one another! It is about bringing our whole selves and what we can offer, share and give to our sisters! I now have many sisters who are also my clients.

What is the last thing you want us to know that we haven’t already talked about?

What a woman puts on and in her body determines how fast and how well she ages! I would be delighted to help you make wiser choices!

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