Choice Brings Responsibility

by Victoria Trafton

It’s exciting to realize how much choice I have in my life…. we all do! ThinkVictoria Trafton about what most of us have today:

  • We are live in a great country based on freedom
  • We get to choose how we spend our time
  • We get to choose our life’s work
  • We get to choose how much we want to learn
  • We get to choose our level of happiness
  • We get to choose our life partners
  • We get to choose our friends
  • We get to choose good health
  • We get to choose our level of confidence
  • We get to choose how we use our time
  • We get to choose where we live. 

    The list goes on and on.

    Now, if you find yourself questioning how much choice you really have in the list above, I would suggest for the most part, all of it is your choice. You may not have full choice in every category, but you do have choice and the opportunity to make that choice a reality in your future.



    Now if you are disagreeing and saying I want a Rolls Royce, but I can’t afford it, so I don’t really have choice in my life. If you chose it, you could have it …right? You could sell your home, give up Starbucks, give up mani-pedis, give up buying more shoes (oh no not the shoes Victoria), and put all your money into buying a Rolls Royce and then just live in the back seat.

    Okay, so I exaggerate a bit to make a point! But we really are at choice if we are willing to do what it takes to have what we choose. I’m so excited and grateful to know I’m completely at choice in my life! So empowering and yet so frightening, I have no excuses!

    For example, a big one for me is the choice to be happy and develop more optimism and positivity no matter what has happened in my past or what happens in the future. It’s been over 5 years since I discovered that, by studying Positive Psychology …and it still amazes me!

    But I must make the choice and work toward staying happy. If I don’t, there’s no one else to blame and nowhere to hide. Neuroscience shows us we have the power to change ANYTHING we want about ourselves ….. well almost anything. Aging backwards, being 5’ 2” tall (yes I wanted that as a young woman) and singing opera with the voice of an angel won’t happen in this lifetime no matter how much I choose it. But there are so many other choices I can make.

Up for a challenge? Think about something you really want:

  • a new career direction
  • a new relationship
  • a healthy, shapely body
  • financial security
  • etc, etc, etcHere’s your simple plan to having all your choices become a reality:

    1) Decide you will do whatever it takes to turn your choice into a reality.
    2) Now, start making small choices everyday to move toward what you want.
    3) Have a support network of experts to help you make the right choices and friends to support you in those choices.

    Create the life you choose and you will thrive in life. If you, like me, realize you are at choice in every area of your life, it’s your responsibility to thrive in life.

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