Harriet Moser, Franchise Consultant, FranNet of Arizona & New Mexico

Describe your business in terms of what you do and who you serve.

My typical client is a downsized corporate executive who is not sure what he/she wants to do next and is exploring their options.

Through the use of proprietary assessments, extensive interviews and an excellent structured process for selecting/recommending specific franchises and investigating those franchises, I will help candidates to determine if a franchise business is the right fit for their:

  • Skills
  • Financial resources and expectations
  • Affinities and goals

What do you love about what you do?

  • Watching the Ah-Ha as people realize there really is a viable way for them to exit the corporate world!
  • Assisting people getting clarity about their suitability for business ownerships in general, franchise ownership in specific and their priorities for the next 3 to 5 years.
  • Helping people navigate the often confusing, myth prone world of franchise ownership.

What is one of the best outcomes a client has experienced from the product or service you provide?

A classic example is a happy call I received earlier this year… a client who had been an engineer for 25 yrs and passionately wanted out of the corporate rat race when I met him 3 years ago. We determined he was not immediately in a position to leave the steady income of a job, so I introduced him to a semi-absentee business he could oversee & grow under the “umbrella” of his corporate position until it was profitable enough that he could leave his job.

We researched several businesses I recommended, he bought one and opened his first location 3 years ago. He just opened his third and called to tell me he had just left his corporate job, is earning twice as much as he ever made as an engineer. He is still operating his business as a semi-absentee owner and has more day to day freedom than was ever possible as an employee!
A very happy outcome, indeed!

Can you paint a picture for us of your ideal client so we can understand who within our circles of influence might make a great referral to you?

  • Individuals who are in “scan mode”, don’t exactly know what they want to do next and are looking at their options.
  • Executives in transition who were downsized out of their corporate position, feel “burned”, fed up and ideally do not want to go back to a corporate position
  • Individuals who want more CONTROL of their lives and income stream heading into retirement and beyond.
  • Individuals who want more day to day FLEXIBILITY than corporate job will ever offer
  • Individuals who want a business the can involve spouse, children or other family members
  • Career Consultants who work with executives in transition – they are excellent referral sources for me, as a percentage of their clients will be individuals who are in transition

What is the best way we can refer someone to you?

Email introduction is usually both efficient and effective. Include their contact information, a bit about their professional background and what (if known) has them curious about franchise ownership at this time.

Can you tell us what benefit you get personally and for your business from being a member of the Sisterhood?

The Sisterhood helps to keep my “batteries charged” so I can be more effective with my clients and with all areas of my life.

What is the last thing you want us to know that we haven’t already talked about?

My consulting services are FREE to candidates – I am paid exactly as I was as a corporate recruiter…if I bring a franchise someone who looks like their top 25% performers, they are thrilled to pay me a fee!

I am known nationally in my industry for being “Fit Fussy” which results in a win for both my clients and franchises.

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