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Choice Brings Responsibility

by Victoria Trafton

It’s exciting to realize how much choice I have in my life…. we all do! ThinkVictoria Trafton about what most of us have today:

  • We are live in a great country based on freedom
  • We get to choose how we spend our time
  • We get to choose our life’s work
  • We get to choose how much we want to learn
  • We get to choose our level of happiness
  • We get to choose our life partners
  • We get to choose our friends
  • We get to choose good health
  • We get to choose our level of confidence
  • We get to choose how we use our time
  • We get to choose where we live. 

    The list goes on and on.

    Now, if you find yourself questioning how much choice you really have in the list above, I would suggest for the most part, all […]

It’s Time for Women to Shine

By Victoria Trafton

We read exciting news about the accomplishments of technology solving the Victoria Traftonbiggest problems we have as humans. We rarely read about how empathy has been a competitive edge for business. But some experts are saying empathy is the most valued skill of the future workplace!

WARNING: statements in this article are broad generalizations and not intended as gender stereotypes or to criticize men! To my male readers, there is something for you by the end so please keep reading.

Advancing technology is solving problems we never dreamed possible. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Technology) is being emphasized in education to encourage students to fuel the job market of tomorrow.

As technology takes over more and more complex functions such as driving a car and doing surgery, what does the future look like for luddites?

Computers can take over most tasks […]

The Myth of Work-Life Balance

Victoria TraftonBy Victoria Trafton

Dedicated professional women can’t find work-life balance? Can we really divide our days equally between work, all the other roles we play, AND self care?

Recent articles about women professionals state “you can’t have it all” or “you can have it all but not all at once”. I think what they’re really saying is you can’t have it all and maintain work-life balance. I don’t think work-life balance makes sense if you are passionate about your work. At least it doesn’t for me.

According to a Pay Pal survey, more than half of the female entrepreneurs in America start their own business to achieve one thing: work-life balance.  “Unable to juggle the demands of family and American corporate culture, some choose to become their own boss”.

But wait a minute! Overwhelm is a way of life for many small business owners. Women […]

5 Truths About How Authentic Encouragement Can Build Your Business (Hint: It’s a Team Sport!)

Michell BrownBy Michell Brown

A client of mine was selling her house.  The sale would help her finance her new business in a new state.  The house wasn’t selling as quickly as she wanted.  She became discouraged during the process and about the fact that there were many things out of her control, such as the Home Owners Association obligations and time delays.

With my Authentic Encouragement coaching- designed to help her see where she had done a good job, rather than just trying to make her feel good- she was able to acknowledge herself for: completing 5 home improvements during the time she had lived in the house, picking a great realtor, and actually making it to the negotiation stage of selling her home.  With this Authentic Encouragement, she was able to change her defeatist attitude into an “I can do it” attitude […]

Business Success|

Three Keys to a Happy Life

Victoria TraftonBy Victoria Trafton

Could it really be as easy as 1-2-3? Try mastering these three things:

  • Speak with intention
  • Listen well
  • Watch what you think

I believe thriving in life is all about communications. How we communicate sets the stage for our life and our happiness. It could be the most important skill in life.Could we live without communications? How would we get our needs met? How would we express ourselves? How would we share ideas? Would we be really living if we couldn’t communicate?As humans we are constantly communicating whether we know it or not.

We communicate consciously with our spoken words and thoughts. We even communicate unconsciously with body language and micro movements in our face.
The ability to communicate gives us tremendous power. We can make other people happy or not and we can even make ourselves happy or not. This life skill is so […]

Why Tell People “Why?”

Deborah JohnsonBy Deborah Johnson

A few years ago, I worked on a criminal case in which a veterinarian was accused of punching a small dog, resulting in the dog’s eye popping out.  The client kept saying, “I couldn’t have punched the dog, I couldn’t have punched the dog….”  When I finally asked the all-important “why” he said, “Have you ever seen a Chihuahua skull?”  “No,” I said.  He then brought in an actual skull: translucent, about the size of a baseball, fragile like paper Mache, with huge eye sockets.  He was a large guy with big, beefy hands.  Then he proceeded to ball up his fist and held it next to that tiny skull.  He poignantly said, “If I had hit that dog, it would be dead.”  Bingo!  Nothing but net.  The jury found him not guilty.  Yet, without that subtle but significant […]

Business Success|

What is Happiness and How do We Find It

Victoria TraftonBy Victoria Trafton

Everything we do, want and buy is usually because we believe it will make us happy. If I asked 1,000 people “What is the one thing you really want in life?” I think the majority would answer, “I want to be happy”.

I just watched the movie: “Hector and the Search for Happiness”. Give it a view …it’s great! My favorite line from the movie is: “We should concern ourselves not so much with the pursuit of happiness, but with the happiness of the pursuit”.

We might be chasing happiness without really knowing what to chase.  To quote the Cheshire Cat, “If you don’t know where you‘re going, any road will get you there”.
Is happiness simply feeling good? Certainly positive emotions can be defined as happiness. Those emotions however usually fade whether it’s the joy of a new car or a […]

Happiness Is All in Your Mind

Victoria TraftonBy Victoria Trafton

Did you ever tell your parents a sad story of someone doing you wrong at school and have them answer, “That’s all in your head?” As you slink off to your room feeling unloved you think they just don’t get it. It was so awful, I can never go back again. I am ruined for life!

Turns out your parents were right. How we interpret what happens to us in life is the secret to being happy or unhappy.

Positive people interpret bad events as temporary, limited, and non-personal. For example, if a prospect says “no thanks,” a positive person might say, “oh well, it’s just one person. I could have done a better job on my presentation.” Next time I will find out their goals first and tailor my presentation to a solution that would achieve their goals.”  That’s it […]

Organization Tips: Put a Little Order into Everyday Life

Bridges Conner Provides Organization TipsBy Bridges Conner

You don’t have to live with all the clutter and mess that everyday activities create. You may be able to con yourself into thinking that you can indeed tolerate it or that it is just a part of modern life. In reality, a few simple organization tips can help turn your surroundings into a functioning space. Here are some things that you can do to organize your life.

1. Look at your surroundings.

Do you see things that make you cringe? Maybe that bag of items you have been meaning to return or that stack of books you have been meaning to donate? For certain, these are the elements that create clutter and stress! They may be items that you need, items you cannot merely throw away when they are out of place. You never know when you […]

Creativity, Happiness, and Health…Are They Related?

By Dr Barbara KoudelkaDr Barbara Koudelka
Naturopathic Physician — Trusted Medical Advisor — Medical Educator

As children many of us colored outside the lines, dreamed-up imaginary playmates, enjoyed endless hours creating stories as we played with our toys, and ran and laughed just because.  We also naturally lived in the moment by gazing at the clouds and daydreaming for hours.  We were INbalance from the Inside Out.

During the teen years, we became more involved in school, sports, and the community.  It was a time to figure out who we were and what we wanted to become.  Our bodies and mind were changing, fashion became a personal statement, we dreamed of our perfect car, and the world outside was realized as a really big place full of opportunities to ponder.

Then adulthood happened.  Life became busier and busier just creating a structured life – a job, […]