Jackie Wszalek, President, Splash Printing and Marketing

Describe your business in terms of what you do and who you serve.

Splash Printing and Marketing is a full service print provider that is interested in your business growth. We serve small businesses who appreciate quality and personal service by collaborating to achieve a cohesive look and feel of their brand.

What do you love about what you do?

Helping business owners grow their business with a consistent look and feel that reflects the quality of the work that they provide. It has been a great journey meeting a variety of people who work hard, care about their customers and provide some interesting products.

What is one of the best outcomes a client has experienced from the product or service you provide?

When a customer finds their authentic voice to brand their product, we get great joy. It’s always good to see the pride that a customer has
for their business card or marketing collateral. One of our customers was so happy to be “not thinking any more” about her brand, that she was able to really sell her service. She increased her confidence and her revenue when she had collateral that was reflective of her!

Can you paint a picture for us of your ideal client so we can understand who within our circles of influence might make a great referral to you?

Our ideal client is a marketing/business development director for a multi- location business that still tells the story best with pictures and collateral.

What is the best way we can refer someone to you?

Email is always a good option but as always nothing like face to face. I’m happy to meet for coffee and get a feel for what’s needed without obligation.

Can you tell us what benefit you get personally and for your business from being a member of the Sisterhood?

It’s good to have a tribe to be inspired, to laugh and to have heart based conversations. It’s always good to hang with like hearted people! It can be a lonely road as a business owner, so finding a tribe is important to well being!

What is the last thing you want us to know that we haven’t already talked about?

Please download the FREE WOWOB app and support other women business owners. I want to leave this planet better than I found it. We found WOWOB as a practical way to support women business owners. There is a difference in women’s businesses and by buying from each other, we can insure that our future is a world that we want!

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