Veronica “Ronnie” Jaap, Fashion Stylist, CABI

Ronnie Jaap Spotlight ImageDescribe your business in terms of what you do and who you serve.

Officially — I am a fashion stylist with a women’s clothing company called, CABI, which is based in Los Angeles.  As a stylist I bring a beautiful collection of women’s clothing — twice a year — direct from the designer to women I know and care about — in a relaxed home environment where they will have a luxury experience women crave, personalized service, style and ideas and camaraderie with their friends.

Unofficially, I see myself as a problem solver and confidence builder. By working with my clients and, gaining their trust, I get to experience the change in their confidence as I gently nudge them outside their box.

Fashion is fickle, and for a woman who doesn’t have the time, or hasn’t developed an eye and instinct for what looks good on herself — it can be very intimidating. On one hand, she wants to be seen as “of the moment”, but doesn’t want to look trendy or that she shopped her daughter’s closet. On another hand, the process can also surface negative self talk and body image issues.

My goal is to encourage  my clients to see their own inner and outer beauty.  The process of discovering cabi’s quality, design details, styling and versatility means she is not only comfortable with her purchases, but loves her wardrobe choices which now serve her and her lifestyle. As a result, she has a new found fashion confidence.  My clients love expressing their style and getting dressed again.

What do you love about what you do?

I am a contributor at heart. What I love best about what I do is how the vehicle of the consistently beautiful, relevant and versatile CABI collections have allowed me to build relationships with so many women and contribute to their lives.  I never have to worry about the quality or relevance of the collection I will be offering my clients.  I love gathering my wonderful clients together, where the magic happens.  The energy feeds my soul. CABI’s mission statement, from our inception 15 years ago,  includes the message “affecting lives through relationships.” We truly do go about our business this way.  I love:

  • Affecting my clients lives by helping them put their best self forward.
  • Affecting team members lives helping them dream and build their dream business.
  • Affecting the lives of the women we touch through our Heart of CABI foundation.  We believe in doing good in order to do well and have donated over $48 million of clothing to women in need and have funded over 11,000 small businesses loans for women working their way out of poverty.

What is one of the best outcomes a client has experienced from the product or service you provide?

Honestly, I’ve had thrilled clients call me or text me to share that, they didn’t think it would happen (even though I told them so) but they were complimented 3 times today  — or clients share that there husband told them they looked “sexy” for the first time in years — or that they feel beautiful for the first time in years — or that they feel so empowered to lead their meeting or are ready to rock their interviews. These are all so gratifying.

Boiling it down, the best outcome for me is not a “sale”, but building these long term relationships and sharing in my clients lives.  I love experiencing my clients discovering the value of self care — how nurturing it feels to take the time and cherish dressing their bodies with care and attention to make them feel and look their best.  As women, so many of us are consumed with taking care of others.  Take time to care for yourself, so that you can take care of others.

Can you paint a picture for us of your ideal client so we can understand who within our circles of influence might make a great referral to you?

CABI has a wide breadth of appeal.  I have clients age 16 to 80.  I do only work with the CABI collections,  so my only restriction is our sizing which is 0 to 16.  So a great referral would be a woman with a good network of friends who is ready to explore, discover or re-create her style.

Also, CABI has expanded into the United Kingdom and Canada and we are actively looking for entrepreneurial women ready to build their dream business in these areas.  I’d love to share the business with any good connections in these areas, as well as here in the U.S.

Women who love fashion and empowering other women and are ready to build their own business —with incredible training and support offered by cabi — would be a great referral as well.

What is the best way we can refer someone to you?

The best way to refer someone is with a first hand look at how we have reinvented the shopping experience.  Contact me to schedule a one on one appointment, or attend a SOH cabi party.

Can you tell us what benefit you get personally and for your business from being a member of the Sisterhood?

What attracted me to the Sisterhood from the start, was that it was comprised of a group of collaborative women seeking personal growth which is so aligned  with the women I work with.   The Sisters I have met have enriched my life with their wisdom, insight, talents and humor in so many ways.

I have my CABI addicts in the Sisterhood — those who can’t wait for each new season and have their wish lists ready and waiting and I have Sisters who are dipping their toe in the CABI waters and starting to “get it” when they acknowledge that they reach for the CABI items in their closet more often than not.

I love making the Sisters as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside!

What is the last thing you want us to know that we haven’t already talked about?

Contact me if you are interested in learning more about this business opportunity.  I would love to schedule time for coffee in order to go into more depth about the alternative we are offering women to the traditional workplace.

The Fall season runs August through December and Spring runs February through June.  Let’s talk about the half price hostess benefits and get your friends together to experience CABI.

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