Victoria Trafton, Founder, Sisterhood of Happiness

Sister in the Spotlight: Victoria TraftonDescribe your business in terms of what you do and who you serve.

The Sisterhood of Happiness is a community where businesswomen can take off the networking mask and build authentic relationships.

What do you love about what you do?

I love bringing women together so they can support each other in their personal and business life. I love helping women find ways they can collaborate and win together.

What is one of the best outcomes a client has experienced from the product or service you provide?

Women in the Sisterhood have seen themselves through each other’s eyes and realized their gifts and talents. They have grown and become bigger versions of themselves with the support of other women who are like Sisters. I have watched Sisters navigate difficult life transitions with the support of the community. Other women have made joyful transitions to new situations. All represent change and growth as we share our journeys.

Can you paint a picture for us of your ideal client so we can understand who within our circles of influence might make a great referral to you?

Sisters are women business owners who value authentic relationship and have an abundance mentality. They are life long learners. They are ready to develop deep relationships and grow together. They share their wisdom and networks with other women that they trust to help each other achieve our goals and dreams.

What is the best way we can refer someone to you?

Invite the businesswoman to a Sisterhood monthly event: a networking lunch to promote her business or to a Signature dinner to hear a wonderful speaker and engage in an interesting intimate conversation with other women.

Can you tell us what benefit you get personally and for your business from being a member of the Sisterhood?

Personally I enjoy trusted relationships and a feeling of genuine sisterhood with a variety of women that I may otherwise not get to know. When I sit down with a Sister we discover we have so much in common. We connect at the heart and appreciate being part of the same community. I have learned from Sisters and grown immensely from their mentoring and their appreciation of who I am. The Sisterhood contributes so much to who I am becoming in my personal and my business life.

What is the last thing you want us to know that we haven’t already talked about?

Women have had to compete in a business world that was created by men. Playing by men’s rules robs us of our authenticity where we thrive. Women are sensitive to the negativity and pain in the world around us and want to make a positive change. Women are designed to collaborate more than compete and we do it well. Women’s qualities are often not valued in our society. In the Sisterhood we celebrate who we are as women, we strive to build and protect our positive attitude and we care deeply about each other. That is a gift to me that I can share with all women who choose to join us.

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